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  • Full-service, 24-hour medical and rehabilitative inpatient care.
  • Recovery strategies incorporate exercise, diet and education to help patients regain their overall health.
  • A wide range of rehabilitative services to help address the unique challenges of neurological damage.
  • Customized rehabilitation services from physical, occupational, and speech and language therapists.
  • Personalized plans that incorporate the unique goals and abilities of each person.
  • Services that focus on building strength and endurance and reducing shortness of breath and other respiratory symptoms.
  • Addressing the specific needs of patients who are recovering from serious illness or injury.
  • Skilled nursing care for patients who are discharged from the hospital but are not yet ready to return home.
    • Cardiac rehabilitation is a doctor-supervised program for people who have either congenital or acquired heart disease.

    • Neurological rehabilitation is a doctor-supervised program designed for people with diseases, trauma, or disorders of the nervous system.

    • Rehabilitation does not reverse or undo the damage caused by a stroke, but rather helps restore the individual to optimal health, functioning, and well-being.

    • Rehabilitation after TBI requires a coordinated team of professional caregivers and careful assessment of all your needs and abilities.

    • Cancer rehabilitation is a doctor-supervised program for people who have undergone treatment for cancer, and designed to help patients return to activities of daily living.

    • A musculoskeletal rehabilitation program is a doctor-supervised program designed for people with impairments or disabilities due to disease, disorders, or trauma to the muscles or bones.

    Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation

    Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation is conveniently located at INTEGRIS Clinton Regional Hospital. The facility allows patients to continue recover close to home. The 11-bed unit provides rehabilitation services through team based personal care.

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    INTEGRIS Clinton Regional Hospital
    100 N. 30th Street Clinton, OK 73601
    (580) 323-2363